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Birds of a feather By Rick Ed, Do.Better Business

Transformation of black spending lends itself to cultivating real power and generational wealth. Rick Ed from DoBetter.Business unpacks the Birds of a Feather ideology. Sweat shop labour proves to be the common factor for disassociation with popular brands, where consumers choose to not support businesses that benefit from slave labour. In a similar way, people […]

The corporate investor – a missed opportunity By Pascal Fröhlicher

With private sectors catering predominantly to high income groups there is a limited understanding of how to serve the majority population. Spotting the potential of lower income customers is where major corporates fall short. Pascal Fröhlicher, an expert on Entrepreneurship and Impact Investing in Africa, expands on the subject. Narrowing economic disparity should be a […]

Aligning the enterprise and supplier development strategy to business needs By Sisa Ntshona, CEO of SA Tourism

In most instances, practitioners and other stakeholders, through the prism of BBBEE compliance, grudgingly comply with the Enterprise and Supplier Development component. Sisa Ntshona, CEO of SA Tourism, lends insight into why it should be professionalized. There is no reason why enterprise development should not be professionalized; as a matter of fact, it is imperative […]

Black Industrialists vs Black Youth: Are these ED Ideals Symbiotic or Mutually Exclusive? by Amina Patterson

Our beautiful nation has faced multiple challenges since the end of apartheid. The 22 years of democracy are only in the infancy stages of trying to rectify centuries of injustice and prejudice perpetuated on the people of this land. The product includes the distasteful government corruption, poor service delivery, misappropriation of resources and an all-time […]

Entrepreneurship: The Ultimate White Privilege? by Lethabo Sekele

The politics of whiteness or white privilege centre around the systematic manner in which various institutions in society perpetually benefit white people. It is posited that through various historical processes, particularly colonialism, Europeans have inherited a disproportionate amount of power and resources across the globe and this has continued to be the reality even in […]